Quality Control

LAN Grupo Quality Control

LAN Grupo® is always eager to stay updated with all the modern innovations in quality control systems in order to maintain the standard of the quality of our products that is our company’s fundamental competency. We continuously upgrade our production processes, as well as work with many health professionals, in order to ensure the safety of the products. Our packing stations which are BRC and HACCP certified, also ensure efficiency through the use of traceability systems which monitor our raw materials during the production stages from the plantation of seeds till the shipment and arrival, to guarantee an ideal quality. LAN Grupo® also carries out a strict analysis of its products in its laboratory located in our packing stations to ensure their hygiene and checkout quality at their pinnacle.

As for our farms which are GLOBALG.A.P certified, LAN Grupo® Group has the latest crop protection technology installed which incorporates biotechnology products, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides in order to maximise our partners’ welfare by preventing any potential diseases or insects that may harm our impeccable quality.

LAN Grupo® is dedicated to fostering intercommunication and the guidance of our employees. It also has irrigation systems implemented for water conservation in strive to support the protection of the environment, as well as employing sustainable agricultural methods. Shop with us.