Zircon Sand Grade A

Zircon, also known as zircon silicate (ZrSiO4), is found in ancient mineral sand deposits. In the form of crystal sands, zircon is typically brown, but could also vary from colourless to yellow-golden, pink and red to blue and green.


Zircon Sand Grade A

Zircon Sand Grade A (ZrSiO4). It is a naturally occurring mineral, used in many strategic industries.

Iron and Steel – Used with chemical binders for high quality steel castings and for critical iron castings. It is also used in core and mould washes to improve surface finish.

Ceramics – Used as opacifier in glazes and frits to enhance resistance of the finished product against water, chemicals and abrasion and as a whitener in porcelain tiles.

Refractories – Used for its high thermal stability and non-wetability against molten metals. Products include bricks used to line steel making furnaces and casting channels for refined steel continuous castings. Zircon Sand Supplier.

Advantages of Using Zircon Sand:

  • Resists metal penetration and reaction with most alloys
  • Does not react with iron oxide = prevent sand burn on defects
  • Low thermal expansion = expansion defects are eliminated
  • Higher refractoriness than Silica
  • Low acid demand value = can be used with all chemical binder systems
  • Low binder requirement, Zircon Sand Wholesale Supplier
  • Reduced cleaning and machining
  • High specific gravity and high thermal conductivity = castings cool faster than silica sand

This and its other properties are used in many industries:

  • ceramic tiles
  • refractory
  • foundry
  • nuclear

A rapidly growing sector for the use of zircon is the production of zirconium-based chemicals in the nuclear industry.

We offer Zircon Sand and Zircon Flour for all applications. Zircon Sand Grade A.


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