Premium Pine Wood Pellets EN Plus A1

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Description : Premium quality ENPlus A1 wood pellets
Certificates : ENPlus A1 , FSC , SPB
Wood species : pine and spruce
Grade : A1
Diameter : 6mm
Moisture :  <8%
Ash content : <0,5%
Net Calorific Value : ≥ 4,9kWh/kg



Wood Pellets EN Plus A1

Wood Pellets EN Plus A1 For Sale. The wood pellets are used for private heating must have ash content below 0,7% ( A1 quality),mechanical durability 97,5% and fines  content  (number of particles below 3,15 mm)  on the production plant max 1%.Low ash content will allow to clean the  household boilers from ash more seldom, low fines content will guarantee the pellets to be stronger, what is necessary in handling procedure ( bagging etc) and will guarantee  for the end users very low  dust content  in the bags. In reality at  pellet plants producing  prime quality wood pellets mechanical durability often  shows up to be min  99%.

Name: Wood Pellets EN Plus DIN Plus ( PREMIUM ) / EN plus-A1 Wood Pellet

1.Wood pellets DIN (made from Spruce, Oak, Beech and pine)

Diameter 6mm / 12mm

Humidity 5.4 %

Ash 0.5-1.0 %

Heating value 4796 kKal/kg – 4950 kKal/kg

Packing: 15 kg bag or big-bag (1000 kg)

2.Wood pellets DIN plus (Spruce, Oak, Beech and pine)

Diameter: 6mm / 8mm

Color: light

Humidity: 6.8 %

Ash: 0.3-0.5 %

Heating value 4223 kKal/kg – 4996 kKal/kg

Packing: 15 kg bags or big-bag (1000kg)


3. Specification Wood Pellets EN Plus A1


Product namePine Wood Pellets EN Plus DIN Plus
Colorlight yellow


Ash Content(%):0.1%


UseIndustrial power and home heatings
PackingWood Pellets Package with Jumboo or according to your request


Pellets de madera Wood Pellets EN Plus DIN Plus  Pellets de madera Wood Pellets EN Plus DIN Plus

Wood Pellets EN Plus A1 and Pine Wood Shavings Wholesale.

We currently do not offer same day delivery but if you phone our office after submitting your order we may on some occasions be able to bring your delivery sooner that your allocated delivery date.

Premium Wood Pellets suitable for use as fuel in Biomass Boilers. These pellets are light in colour and super absorbent so can also be used for high quality horse bedding & cat litter.

  • Premium Wood Pellets are produced to a high standard to ensure quality and consistency with every purchase.
  • Premium Wood Pellets are an excellent, low maintenance, form of cat litter; superb value for money and no clumping.
  • 48 bags (10kg each) in a half pallet. We have multiple purchase options available to help you find your desired quantity. We can provide fixed price fuel contracts to give you assurances of your fuel costs for the coming winter. Please get in tough for more information on our fixed price fuel contracts. Wood Pellets EN Plus A1 Wholesale.
  • We offer single 10kg/15kg bags available for collection from our premises and local stockists.

This fuel qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive using BSL Authorisation Number: Given upon purchase.

Note: Contact with your email address and phone numbers for better communication

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