Vinyl Disposable Gloves Powdered & Powder Free Wholesale

Powder-Free and Latex-Free Gloves Turkey. Great feel and comfort. Improved sensitivity for better feel. – Conforms to ASTM D5250 (00)T4 and EN455 (00) standards. Buy Vinyl Disposable Gloves Online.


Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl Disposable Gloves Powdered & Powder Free Wholesale. Vinyl disposable gloves are great for individuals sensitive to latex materials. Vinyl gloves provide excellent resistance to rips and tears and are ideal for food and medical industries. We offer these disposable gloves in powdered and powder free, industrial and exam grade, and in “stretch” vinyl, which closely resembles the fit and feel of latex.

MaterialDisposable Vinyl Gloves
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ColorTransparent or White color
Packing100pc/box, 10 boxes/carton
FeatureStrong, tear-proof, clear, clean;It is economic, convenient, waterproof, oil-proof .
ApplicationFood industry, particularly greasy and oily food like meat and fish processing, cheese production, medicine, cosmetic
Delivery3 days more or less by air
CertificatesISO CE FDA
Sample time3 days


Product Description
Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Vinyl Gloves
Disposable Gloves
for sale
for sale

Vinyl gloves are worn on the hands to perform a number of important tasks. The task might concern household task, job task, or health-related tasks. Vinyl gloves are also an excellent way to shield the hands from toxic or harmful chemicals. These disposable protective gloves also prevent the spread of germs or bacteria. These gloves are a good alternative for those who are allergic to latex gloves or dislike the other brands of gloves on the market. The gloves are disposable and are made out of a polyvinyl chloride material (PVC). These disposable protective gloves are usually great for performing one important task and easily disposed of after use. Disposable vinyl gloves are offered in a powdered and non-powdered type. The vinyl gloves provide adequate protection and are a great all purpose glove.

Vinyl exam gloves make a great choice for protection for a wide range of applications. Vinyl gloves are highly resistant to acids, fats & alcohols and vinyl gloves have superior anti-static properties.

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material manufactured of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Depending on the application, vinyl gloves are designed to provide tactile sensitivity, yet offer adequate protection. Vinyl gloves are often used in institutional or industrial environments and are excellent for food service, food processing, assembly, maintenance, inspection and scientific research. Click here to read more about the benefits of Vinyl Gloves.



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