General Universal Surgical Drape Pack Wholesale

  • General Universal Surgical Drape
  • CE ISO Certified Universal Drape Pack Sterile General Surgical Pack Made in Turkey
  • Simple, flexible, easy-to-use designs
  • Adaptable for multiple procedures
  • Equipment covers (included)
  • Meet industry standards for flame-resistance


General Universal Surgical Drape Pack

General Universal Surgical Drape Pack For Sale. Surgical Drape and Pack line provides simplified, reliable protection for many common surgical applications. Our Health drapes are developed to give you and your patients one less worry and include the following features:

Application: Used for the clinical operation of a one-time use of health protection, which can effectively avoid secondary infection.

Sterilization: EO gas

PE film+nonwoven fabric,SMS,SMMS (anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-blood)
Adhesive Incise Area
360°Fluid collection Pouch, Foam band, with Suction port/as request.
Tube holder
Armboard Covers
Can be customized
1 Back Table Cover, Reinforced, 150*190cm
1 Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced, 80*145cm
4 Utility Drapes with tape, small 38*60(60*60cm)
2 side drapes, midium 90*100cm
1 bottom drape, Large 158*180cm(180*180cm)
1 top drape, Extra Large 150*240cm
1 Tape Strips, 10*50cm
1 3M EO chemical indicator
EO sterile package, 1set/bag, 50sets/carton, welcome customized
YES for Disposable General Universal Surgical Drape Pack

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The sterile general surgical pack has prepared a comprehensive auxiliary surgical drape for various operations, which is suitable for most of the operation needs. These surgical drapes are packed together, which can be easily carried, at the same time, disposable universal pack can improve the preparation speed before the operation. Disposable Universal Surgical Drape Pack.


1. This product is a one-time use only and destroyed after use;

2. Prohibition of use with damaged package;

3. Should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment.


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