Full Cream Milk Powder Wholesale

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Full Cream Milk Powder Wholesale Supply: Result is the powder form of milk which is white-yellow colour and contains protein, lactose, fat and very small amount of moisture.


Full Cream Milk Powder

Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP 26% Regular ADPI Extra Grade) is produced by spray drying fresh pasteurised cow milk to remove water and fat. It has good solubility, good flow process and a rich creamy flavour. Full Cream Milk Powder is in compliance with the standards and regulations for food safety in the country of origin and Codex Alimentarius.

Applications of the product

Milk Powder is suitable for a wide range of applications, including dairy products, bakery and confectionery products, dry blends, nutritional supplements and snack food. Milk Powder is suitable as a substitute for liquid milk and cream. It can be used in preparation of dry mixes, confectionery products, bakery products, athletic food, infant formulas and animal food.

Full Cream Milk Powder Wholesale Supply

Milk powder 26% fat. Dry powder obtained by evaporating full cream milk; the milk is treated with heat as a part of a process that has at least the same effects as pasteurization; this takes place while the milk is still in liquid form, before or during manufacturing.


25 KG bags with polyethylene liner. Available in big bags: 500 to 1000 kg.


24 months if stored in closed bags under cool and dry conditions.


Total solids %>97%
Proteins (Nx6.38)Min. 26±2%
pH (10% at 20°C)6.6-6.8
Solubility Index<0.5ml
Density (g/cm3)0.55±0.1
Particles admi.A-B
Total Flora<50000 cfu/g
Yeast and moulds<100 cfu/g
Enterecocci<100 cfu/g
Staphilococcus aureus<100 cfu/g


Replacement of full cream fresh milk. Contribution of protein and butterfat.

Powdered milk is nutritionally equivalent to fresh milk and is relatively non-perishable. It can be added to recipes to increase the protein content and nutritional value. Whole milk powder is likely to contain oxidized cholesterol, which may damage blood vessels and promote heart disease.

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